Russian Spy Cashing in on Trademark

vodka-russia-thumb-200x172-34000 San Diego, CA – Everything Anna Chapman does is calculating, to say the least. To cash in on her growing popularity since her arrest and deportation last year, the Russian spy has registered her name as a trademark, according to Russia’s state patent and trademark agency.

The 28-year old femme fatale has been basking in the spotlight since her arrest in July and her extradition back to Russia. She has done everything from posing in sexy lingerie, appearing at a Russian space launch, to performing a sing-along with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

Nicknamed Agent “90-60-90” by Russian press because of her apparent measurements, Chapman registered her name as a trademark for eight classes of merchandise, which included vodka, clothing and watches. Thus far, it is unclear how Ms. Chapman plans to use the trademark but what is apparent is that she wants to cover all bases.

Chapman has recently been working to boost her public image. She has appeared at a political youth rally and two weeks ago launched a weekly television show called “Mysteries of the World with Anna Chapman.”




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