Samsung Sued for Use of Milk Trademark

cow-thumb-200x134-31102Los Angeles – Milk Studios, a multimedia studio with locations in New York and Los Angeles, has filed a trademark lawsuit against Samsung Electronics alleging trademark infringement by the South Korean electronics manufacturer. Milk Studios filed the lawsuit in federal court in New York stating that Samsung used the Milk name for its music-streaming services in violation of Milk Studios’ trademark.

Milk Studios is seeking unspecified damages for what it is calling unfair competition and trademark dilution. The company has gained elite status among artists and fashion designers, such as Kanye West and Tom Ford. It started as a photography venue, but is now used for fashion shows and music recording. Samsung has not commented on the complaint.

This lawsuit is another hurdle for Samsung as it is about to expand its software and services to better compete against major players like Apple and Google. Samsung is trying to distinguish itself in this highly competitive market by getting its engineers to develop its own range of products and applications for mobile devices and other consumer electronics. Milk Music is just one of Samsung’s latest initiatives.

The service allows Galaxy smartphones to stream millions of songs from more than 200 radio stations. This month, the company has also launched a new mobile video service called Milk Video. The complaint states Samsung launched these initiatives after partnering with Milk Music on more than 18 occasions. For example, Milk Studios was the venue for the launch of Samsung’s Infuse 4D mobile telephone. Through these partnerships, the lawsuit states, the South Korean company learned more about the Milk brand.

In March, Milk asked Samsung to stop using its trademarked name. Samsung asked for time to consider the matter before letting Milk Studios know in August that it was going to continue using the name. Milk Studios has said that Samsung’s use of its trademarked name has caused “immediate and irreparable” harm to its brand because its partners have assumed that the studio has joined with Samsung, which is not the case. Samsung is still facing a legal battle against Apple, which has alleged that Samsung copied features of its iPhone.




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