San Diego Based Company Neology Files Second Patent Infringement Lawsuit

Patent AttorneySan Diego – Last week San Diego based Neology filed a second lawsuit against Federal Signal and related companies for patent infringement. The primary products concerned in the lawsuit are radio frequency identification related products (RFID). RFID technology involves wireless non-contact systems that utilize radio frequency to transfer data for tracking and identification purposes. The previous lawsuit, filed in Delaware, concerned possible infringement of six United States patents held by Neology. Although the first lawsuit is still pending litigation, Neology has moved for preliminary injunction on three of the six patents involved in the lawsuit.

In its latest lawsuit, Neology is alleging infringement of two more patents and is demanding an immediate and permanent injunction related to all infringed patents. As such, Federal Signal would be prevented from all direct or indirect manufacture, use or distribution, advertising, and import or export of all alleged infringing products. Because of the nature of the technologies involved, both the current and previous lawsuits are expected to be fully litigated within the next year.

Neology is a RFID technology company that currently holds 51 patents for proprietary RFID technologies. Additionally, Neology has nearly 400 patents worldwide and over 100 patents pending. Radio frequency identification technology is a huge part of many government and international travel control and regulation systems. Many of Neology’s patents are used worldwide for border patrol, vehicle registration, electronic toll collection, passport verification, pharmaceutical control and protection of secure documents.

Neology is unique in the RFID industry not only for its diverse portfolio of applications, but also for its total vertical integration of RFID solutions. From its custom designs to device development and software integration, to field installation, Neology is the primary provider in RFID technologies.

Neology is headquartered in San Diego, California and has secondary offices in Mexico City. The latest lawsuit demonstrates that Neology is fully committed to initiating more infringement lawsuits as necessary to protect its intellectual property.




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