Sony Files Patent for In-Gaming Advertisements

game-controller-200x150Orange County – For years now, television viewers have had the ability to fast forward through commercials by using a DVR or a TiVo. For ‘gamers’ the thought of a video game being interrupted by a commercial may now be an inconvenient reality. Sony recently released information that in July of 2011, it filed for a patent application titled “Advertisement Scheme for use with interactive content” with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The application is still pending with the Patent and Trademark Office.

This patent can be described as an advertisement or commercial which is displayed during the course of a video game. In a figure submitted with the application the steps for the patent are as follows: ‘Initiating playing interactive content – Providing a user with an indication that the playing of the interactive content will be suspended – Suspending playing of the interactive content – Displaying an advertisement – Rewinding of at least a portion of the interactive content – resuming playing of the interactive content’. This could mean that during the course of a video game an advertisement may potentially be displayed at a critical moment in the game. It has not been implied as to how many advertisements or commercials would be displayed in any given period of time.

While the patent application is still pending approval, there is very little evidence given that insinuates what video games Sony would use this invention for and when it would be implemented. The idea has also been thrown out in the internet world that this idea would not be so bad if the games were offered for free by Sony or even as a trial to test the popularity of up-and-coming video games.

It is still somewhat of a guessing game as to where and when Sony would implement this new technology. If the application is approved however it may only be a matter of time until we see a TiVo type service for video games.




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