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Sony’s Movie The Interview May Also Be a Copyright Infringement

sonyLos Angeles – Sony Corporation’s movie release of “The Interview” has not exactly enjoyed smooth sailing. The movie’s Christmas Day debut was shown in only 300 theaters nation-wide after terrorist threats and a system cyber-hack emerged regarding the controversial plot.

“The Interview” has been under the spotlight as it negatively depicts North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un and some of the country’s domestic policies. President Barack Obama even got involved in the debate when he suggested that Sony should still release the movie amid all the chaos.

However, threats and limited access have not stalled the viewing of “The Interview.” Millions have watched the movie online. Websites such as YouTube allowed an online rental of the movie and other web sites also provided many people a means of downloading the movie.

Sony now faces new challenges with the movie due to an alleged Copyright Infringement. Unlike Katy Perry and her “Firework” track making an appearance in the movie, K-Pop star Yoon Mi-rae is not thrilled about her song’s appearance.

According to Mi-rae’s music label Feel Ghood Music, there were discussions with Sony regarding use of Mi-rae’s song “Pay Day” in “The Interview.” Unfortunately for Sony, there were no signed contracts, legal steps, or final decisions made. The label stated that while initial discussions did take place, there was no final arrangement or contract. The problem being that Sony never cleared or otherwise paid Yoon Mi-rae or the label for the right to use the song. Feel Ghood Music and Yoon Mi-rae expressed their discontent with the use of the song, and plan to take legal action against Sony.

Sony’s alleged Copyright Infringement does not necessarily mean a messy lawsuit or more headaches for the corporation. Feel Ghood Music stated that an out of court settlement agreement to retroactively make a deal is possible. For Yoon Mi-rae, perhaps the extra publicity for her song will turn into a positive in the end.

Sony was not as hard hit as some expected with the shortened release of “The Interview” and Sony remains hopeful that a quick resolution will come with regard to the use of the song.


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