Starbucks’ New Trademark Filing Reveals Plans for Fizzy Drinks

soda-thumb-200x150-74927 San Diego – A recently filed Trademark Application by Starbucks Corporation may evidence the coffee giant’s intent to branch out into the market of carbonated beverages. The Application, which was filed on September 30, 2013, is for the name “STARBUCKS FIZZIO.” It covers five classes, including milk based drinks, sparkling beverages and “machines for the production of beverages.”

The filing gives an inside glimpse into what might possibly be Starbucks’ next big move. Its recent introduction of carbonated drinks into select test markets furthers the theory that fizzy drinks are next up for the company best known for its fresh brewed coffee and caffeine-filled blended drinks. Still, Starbucks has been keeping mum as one spokesperson said that it has “not announced any plans about expanded availability” of the fizzy beverages outside of the current test markets of Atlanta and Austin.

Further speculation has led to thought that the Trademark Application’s inclusion of beverage making machines might be a step towards Starbuck’s production of a device that could compete with Sodastream. As the world’s bestselling and most popular carbonated beverage machine, Sodastream seems to have almost complete control over the self-serve soda market with no established competitors. Starbucks may be looking to change this, especially given its already demonstrated interest and success with at-home beverage devices, such as the Starbucks Verismo. Despite this, a Starbucks rep was recently quoted as saying that the company does “not have plans for an at-home machine at this time.”

Starbucks’ push into the carbonated beverages arena would be another in a string of advances into markets outside of coffee. The company has made it a recent pattern to try out new products in select test markets, buy out smaller successful companies and then market the products nationwide in its more than 13,000 U.S. retail locations. Some of its more recent acquisitions include Evolution Fresh juices, La Boulange baked goods, and Teavana tea. Even further pushing the limits of development, Starbucks recently introduced “Starbucks Evening” locations in six U.S. cities, which feature beer, wine and snacks. Considering this rate of expansion into new areas, “Starbucks Fizzio,” may very well be the next thing served up in white and green cups.




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