Tilaknagar Industries Victorious in India Trademark Battle

whiskey-in-glasses-thumb-200x150-31413 San Diego – Tilaknagar Industries, Ltd, a leader in the Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) market, emerged victorious from Bombay, India High Court over a trademark dispute with UTO Nederland B.V..

UTO Nederland B.V., a Dutch exporter of liquor spirits and other alcoholic beverages, had filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Tilaknagar over its use of the trademarks ‘Mansion House’ and ‘Savoy Club.’ On December 22, Nedarland B.V.’s motion to restrain Tilaknagar from using the trademarks was dismissed by the High Court. In the days after announcing the judgment, Tilaknagar’s stock rose 2% on the BSE Sensex, Asia’s premier stock exchange.

In a statement from Dr. Keshab Nandy, Chief Legal Officer for Tilaknagar Industries, he said, “We are pleased by the judgment passed by the Honorable Bombay High Court, which we believe provides fair justice and validates our stance. However, we are awaiting a copy of the judgment. We have in the past focused immense energies and investments towards the brands ‘Mansion House’ and ‘Savoy Club’ and developed them as sustainably successful products in the Indian alcoholic beverage sector. Thus going ahead we remain committed to drive growth and fortify our long standing presence in the industry on the back of a solid business model with strong brands and geographic reach.”

Fiscal year sales for 2010-2011 of Tilaknagar’s trademarked ‘Mansion House’ Brandy nearly exceeded six million cases and is expected to grow steadily in the upcoming years. As the second largest selling brandy in the world, Mansion House reportedly remains one of the fastest growing brands in the world. Founded in 1933 by Babasaheb Dahanukar, Tilaknagar was originally a leader in the Indian sugar industry. Due to governmental regulations in the commodities market, Tilaknagar made the transition to the liquor industry in 1973, and quickly became one of India’s leading distilleries.

Due mainly to its core competency in the alcoholic beverages sector and its impressive efforts to establish dominance in the market, Tilaknagar Industries has successfully established its distinct identity in the liquor industry. With an uncompromised commitment to providing quality products with a high value for the money, Tilaknagar’s brand portfolio consists of unique and diverse brands that are widely enjoyed by consumers worldwide.




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