Time Warner Cable Obtains Trademark For “Social One”

socialnetworks-thumb-200x132-30050 San Diego, CA – Time Warner Cable has recently obtained exclusive trademark rights for the term “Social One,” its possible future platform that may offer subscribers a way to access Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks through TV.

The nation’s second largest cable provider is attempting to steer consumers back in front of their television sets by offering a “single interface” for accessing social media accounts through TV and the Web. Time Warner has also set its sights on using the Social One brand for “computer software for use on mobile and Web platforms which aggregates content from other sources, such as social media feeds and allows users to manipulate content from other sources,” according to statements in its trademark application submitted in May.

The trademark application offers a more complete description of what the “Social One” trademark will be covering by stating that it will be, “providing access via a global computer network and television to email, instant messaging and social media accounts within a single user interface; providing online access to aggregated user content, namely, text audio, and video; providing Internet access; providing email and instant messaging services; [and] transmission of news.”

With Americans spending more and more time each month connecting with friends on Facebook and other social media platforms, Verizon, Comcast, and other cable TV providers are starting to incorporate the social networks into their digital cable offerings. Verizon’s Widget Bazaar allows its FiOS TV subscribers to access their Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts while Comcast has promised that the next version of its interactive program guide would allow subscribers to recommend content to Facebook friends.

Facebook is also on the same playing field, with its attempts to integrate its platform with a wide variety of media services. Last week, the social networking giant announced that it would allow TiVo and Netflix subscribers to share information with friends about what content they are watching on TV.




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