Titan Medical Issued Patent For Snaking Robotic Arm

Medical Product PatentOrange County – As a company focused on design and development of robotic surgical technology, Titan Medical has established itself as a leader in the field of robotic medical devices. Toward that goal, Titan Medical announced this week that it has been issued a patent for a snaking robotic arm with moveable shapers.

Patent number 8,224,485 applies to technology that is designed to assist medical professionals with surgical procedures requiring complex, prolonged or sophisticated operations. Titan Medical created its newest technology to assist medical professionals with surgical procedures that might not be possible without the assistance of robotic devices or and those procedures that have a high degree of risk. According to the USPTO, the newly patented technology is a method and apparatus comprising one or more robotic members which are curvaceous or snake-like. The robotic members have movable shapers with articulable columns having successive joints formed of alternating ball and socket members. The shapers can be directed up and down the articulable column to create a radius of curvature in multiple directions.

The robotic member may also contain small mechanical shapers with embedded controllers. Once inserted into the work site, the articulating columns can be compressed, causing them to become rigid. Thus the device, with computerized remote control, can negotiate a path to access the site of a given operation as prescribed by a doctor through a specific computer program. The device would then retreat along the same path, without injury to the patent.

A representative for Titan indicated that its newest patent is an important addition to Titan’s patent portfolio and it is proud of its contributions to the medical community. Additionally, its newest patent establishes Titan’s place in surgical robotic techniques development for the future. Titan Medical has a number of other patents currently undergoing the registration process with the USPTO. However, it is clear that the devices created from the newly patented technology will do nothing but improve the quality of robotic surgical procedures. And as robotic procedures are expected to increase exponentially in the future, Titan Medical is primed and ready to step to the forefront of creative new robotic technology.




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