Trump TV Trademark Might Be Taken

Orange County – In a little more than a week, our country will elect a new president. Early voting aside, it is estimated that not all Democrats are voting for Hillary Clinton and not all Republicans are supporting Donald Trump. If for some reason Trump doesn’t win on November 8th, he may already have his contingency plan in place for what he will do next.

For weeks, there have been rumors that Trump may start his own television network if the election doesn’t go his way. It has also been suggested that he would consider taking over an existing network. For what it’s worth, Trump has stated that he has no desire to start a network. “I have no interest in Trump TV,” Trump told an Ohio radio host. “I hear it all over the place, and you know, I have a tremendous fan base. … But I just don’t have any interest in that. I have one interest, and that’s on Nov. 8.”

Although Trump is very focused on the campaign, if there is a remote chance that he does want to get his own television network, he’s going to have to fight for the right. A New York physician and lifelong Democrat, Mark Grabowsky, has filed for the “Trump TV” trademark. If Trump does indeed want the trademark to create his show, his team will have to go to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to fight for it.

Even if Trump TV is not a current interest, Trump does have a history of making a profit from trademarking his personal brand and may be upset that someone else has the trademark to a possible profit avenue that he would want to pursue someday in the future.

Earlier this month, Trump’s campaign debuted the first episode of “Trump Tower Live,” a talk show that you can stream on Facebook. In true Trump fashion, he launched his own “news program.” It has been suggested that this online broadcast is a warm up of what’s to come.

Grabowsky has already admitted to a newspaper that he has no intentions of actually using the trademark, which means that it will likely be very easy for Trump’s trademark attorney to successfully oppose the application. Either way, Trump still has time to decide what to do next.




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