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SpaceX Files Trademark Application for Starbase

Elon Musk has announced his intention to create the city of Starbase, Texas via Twitter on Tuesday.

“Creating the city of Starbase, Texas,” Musk tweeted from his personal account on March 2.

The multibillionaire’s company, SpaceX (officially known as Space Exploration Technologies Group), filed a trademark application for “Starbase” the same day.

The application is for launch services, specifically “launching the payloads of others into space.”

SpaceX has also filed a trademark application for “Starship” for the same services.

The proposed city would incorporate Boca Chica Village, where SpaceX is currently building Starship, a deep space spacecraft.

At its launch, Starship will sit atop a rocket called Super Heavy.

The space vehicle is designed to be fully reusable and carry passengers for long durations.

Musk stated on Twitter that the city of Starbase would encompass “an area much larger than Boca Chica.”

This is not the first foray into the Texas region by Musk and his company.

Musk recently moved to the Lone Star state, while SpaceX has also announced plans to build a new factory in Austin, Texas.

The company also has a rocket test facility in McGregor, Texas.

Musk also shared details about his plans for the city of Starbase, including making the entire city dog-friendly.

He also hinted that the city will be directed by “the Doge.”

This may be a reference to the Dogecoin, a type of cryptocurrency that Musk has long endorsed.

It could also be an allusion to the Doges, who were former rulers of Venice and Genoa.

But the process of renaming the city of Boca Chica Village requires much more than a tweet from Musk.

The incorporation would be handled by Cameron County commissioners.

County Judge Eddie Trevino confirmed that the county has been casually approached by SpaceX representatives about the incorporation.

Trevino confirmed that SpaceX will need to make a more formal inquiry to the County in order to initiate the process of incorporation.

The filing with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) would not be a step towards incorporation, but it would allow SpaceX to use the trademark in conjunction with specified services.

The company already has trademarks with similar commercial impressions, including Starlink.

As for the creation of the proposed city, we will see if it is written in the stars for Musk.

“From thence to Mars, And hence the Stars,” Musk added to the original tweet.


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