Trademark Attorney


Trademark Attorney

If you have a trademark issue, our trademark attorneys can assist. A trademark is a logo‚ symbol‚ sound‚ word‚ or words used to identify a brand. Trademark rights are established either through proper registration or by use in commerce. Companies rely on their trademarks to distinguish themselves from competing companies and products. An unique and compelling trademark will give your business a competitive edge and can become your most valuable asset. A trademark attorney at Mandour & Associates will be happy to assist you with protecting your trademark‚ either in acquiring rights or in handling an infringement.

Trademark Registration Attorney

Common trademark related tasks including performing basic and comprehensive trademark searches‚ preparing and filing trademark applications‚ and filing responses to office actions. With offices located in Los Angeles County‚ Orange County‚ and San Diego County‚ a Mandour & Associates trademark attorney can respond to your trademark needs in a timely manner. Please visit our trademark registration page for more information in you are interested in filing a trademark application.

Trademark Infringement Lawyers

Trademark infringement occurs when the exclusive rights pertaining to a trademark have been violated through use of an identical or “confusingly similar” trademark without the permission of the owner. If you are a party in a trademark dispute‚ you should seek the advice of trademark attorney experienced with infringements and litigation. For detailed information‚ please refer to our page on trademark infringement.

Trademark Litigation

We have years of experience handling trademark infringement and trademark litigation matters. Please see our trademark litigation page and our intellectual property litigation page for more information related to our litigation philosophy and for general background information on what to expect in litigation. Please also feel free to contact us for a complimentary initial consultation.

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