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Orange County Trademark Attorney

If you are seeking an Orange County trademark attorney, we can assist you. Our office is in Irvine, California and we work with businesses and individual entrepreneurs throughout Orange County to acquire and protect trademarks.

Trademarks are words and symbols that allow consumers to connect and identify with specific products. Your trademark could take the form of an easily recognizable design, word, logo, artwork, or musical jingle that the public associates with your brand. Common trademarks that people see everyday include logos for companies like Starbucks, Apple, Nike, and Google. They are so commonplace that most of the time we don’t give them a second glance or even notice them in a conscious way. But trademarks serve as a reminder that we are doing business with known companies.

A company that holds a federal trademark maintains the right to use the trademark in all of its branding throughout the United States. Trademark ownership allows you to bring a trademark lawsuit against any individual or company that attempts to use a confusingly similar trademark. For example, if a fast food restaurant tried to use the golden arches logo to promote itself, McDonald’s (who holds the right to this trademark) would have the right to prevent that use.


When you start a new business or begin to market an idea, you should protect any trademarks at issue. An important way to do this is by registering your trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Although you may use the tm symbol (™) to identify your trademark from the outset, your rights are far more limited than if you officially register your trademark with the USPTO. Having an Orange County trademark attorney register your trademark with USPTO is a wise decision. Reasons for this include:

● Federal registration gives you presumptive rights in all geographic regions throughout the U.S. including areas that you are not even using the trademark.
● An officially registered trademark may use the ® symbol, which indicates to everyone that you registered your trademark with the federal government. This simple, recognizable symbol alone may deter others from copying your trademark.
● A registered trademark may help you recover attorney fees, court costs, and damages or profits from the infringing party.
● A registration with the USPTO allows you to easily expand your rights internationally


When it comes to marketing and branding, disputes often arise as to trademark rights. In the event of an infringement or dispute, we are aggressive trademark litigation attorneys. We are familiar with defending parties accused of inappropriately using another company’s trademark. We also represent those who are claiming trademark infringement on the plaintiff side. A typical first step in this process is a cease and desist letter. We work to find the best resolution for our clients while attempting to solve issues with minimal time and expense.


Although litigation is not always the end result, trademark disputes do end up in court. In some cases, a party is insistent on going to court to be fully compensated or to avoid having to cease use of a trademark. We understand how much is at stake for our clients, and are well-versed in trademark litigation. We provide aggressive and informed representation for all of our clients. Examples of successful outcomes in a trademark infringement case include:

● A court order that instructs the defendant to forfeit or destroy all infringing items
● A court order that requires the defendant to cease from using the infringing trademark
● Monetary damages and costs awarded to the plaintiff
● In exceptional cases, attorney fees awarded to the plaintiff


Our experienced intellectual property attorneys are committed to providing aggressive, effective, solution-driven legal counsel to individual entrepreneurs and businesses. For additional information regarding copyrights and patents, please see our orange county copyright and orange county patent pages. Our office is located on Main Street in Irvine.


If you need assistance with a trademark issue in Orange County California, please contact us.

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