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Los Angeles Trademark Attorney

We assist Business in Los Angeles with Legal Issues Related to Trademarks and Trademark Litigation

We serve businesses and individuals in Los Angeles with trademark needs from our office at 100 Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica. We are a full service intellectual property law firm, so we can also assist with any trademark issues, copyright issues, or patent issues that you may have.

A trademark is typically an identifiable word, logo, design, or combination thereof that allows consumers to identify the source of goods or services.

Trademarks function to distinguish products and services from those of competitors, allowing businesses to develop goodwill based on ongoing relationships and a reputation based on quality. Examples of well-known trademarks include Coca-Cola, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and Google. Trademark protection can be acquired to not just the name of a brand and the stylized design of a logo, but also to the way that a product is packaged (trade dress) and any associated colors, sounds, smells, and other identifying characteristics.

Los Angeles Trademark Registration Attorneys

Trademark rights are typically acquired by filing an application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Rights can also be gained by using a trademark in commerce within a particular geographic area. While there is no requirement to federally register a trademark in order to have common law trademark rights, there are significant benefits to doing so. Some of the most common include:

  • It allows you to use the registered trademark symbol “®”
  • It provides a presumption of ownership and validity
  • It often blocks others from registering a confusingly similar trademark
  • It can serve as the basis for an international trademark registration

Trademark Litigation Lawyers in Los Angeles

In the event of litigation, our trademark litigation attorneys are prepared to provide aggressive and solution-oriented legal counsel.

When a trademark holder believes that its IP rights are being infringed upon, remedies include filing a lawsuit. Typically, these actions are filed in federal court, and even when they are not, defendants have the option of removing them from state to federal court. If the plaintiff is able to prove infringement, the court may order several different types of relief, including the following:

  • An injunction compelling the defendant to stop using the trademark at issue and forfeit or destroy the infringing materials
  • Require that the defendant perform corrective adverting
  • Order that the defendant pay monetary compensation to the plaintiff, including profits, damages, and court costs
  • In certain exceptional cases, award attorney’s fees

At issue in most trademark litigation is the similarity of the trademarks and whether there is a likelihood of consumer confusion. It is not necessary for trademarks to be identical for a likelihood of confusion to exist—it is often enough that the trademarks sound alike when they are spoken, have the same meaning, are visually similar, or create the same commercial impression in the public’s mind.

In addition, a court will look to the relatedness of the goods or services being offered to determine whether a likelihood of confusion exists. Similar to the trademarks themselves, the goods or services offered do not need to be identical for a likelihood of confusion to exist. It is sufficient that they are related enough for the public to mistakenly believe that they come from the same source.

Representing Plaintiffs and Defendants in LA Trademark Infringement Disputes

Not every trademark dispute results in litigation. In some cases, a cease and desist letter sent to an alleged infringer gets immediate compliance. Typically, alleged infringers are more responsive to letters that come from intellectual property law firms that litigate, as they indicate that the trademark holder is serious about taking legal action if the infringement does not stop.

It is important to note, however, that not every instance of alleged infringement is legally actionable, and there are times when trademark holders attempt to stifle competition with unsubstantiated claims of trademark infringement. In these instances we aggressively defend a party’s right to engage in non-infringing commercial activity.

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We assist our clients in every step of the trademark process, from evaluating whether a trademark qualifies for protection to conducting trademark searches and handling infringements and litigation if they arise. If you or your business are considering obtaining a trademark or are involved in a legal dispute regarding the use of a trademark, please contact us.

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