Patent Attorney


Patent Attorney

If you are seeking a patent attorney in southern California‚ we can assist you. We have offices located in Los Angeles‚ San Diego and Orange County. Regardless of the field of invention or the type of patent issue that you have‚ we have a patent attorney on staff that can help.

Though it is not necessary to use a patent attorney when filing patent applications or when dealing with patent infringement or patent litigation issues‚ your chances of achieving your goals are higher with an experienced patent attorney on your side.

Patent issues breakdown into three primary areas. They are Patent Registration‚ Patent Infringement‚ and Patent Litigation.

Patent Registration

We assist our clients in filing patent applications and the prosecution of filed patent applications including responses to office actions. For more information‚ please see our patent registration page.

Patent Infringement

Patent infringement occurs when a claim of an existing patent is used without the owner’s authorization. If you are involved in a patent infringement‚ we recommend that you seek the advice of a patent attorney as soon as possible. Please see our patent infringement page for more information.

Patent Litigation

If a patent infringement is not corrected‚ it may lead to patent litigation. If you are involved in a patent litigation matter‚ the best advice is to seek an experienced patent attorney at your earliest convenience. For more information‚ please see our patent litigation page.

If you have a patent issue‚ please feel free to contact us at anytime for a free initial consultation. We have offices located throughout southern California in Los Angeles‚ Orange County and San Diego and we look forward to serving you.

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