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Riverside Trademark Lawyer

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If you are located in Riverside County California and need the assistance of a trademark attorney, please feel free to contact us.  The success of a company can often hinge on its trademark, specifically its brand or business name.  Company owners work hard to select a name, design a logo, and choose specific symbols, words, or phrases that communicate the brand to the public.  Not only does such material convey a certain message to potential customers, it also allows the public to easily identify the brand and associate the company with its goods or services.  Such recognition can help build brand loyalty and goodwill with consumers, as well as develop the company’s reputation—all of which can increase profits.  You can protect this important type of intellectual property by obtaining a federally registered trademark.

Once you obtain a trademark registration, you have the exclusive right to use the trademark, and others are prohibited from using it in a manner that would confuse the public.  If another party does use your trademark, consumers may come to associate your brand with a product of lesser quality or a message with which your business does not agree.  This can cause financial damage and result in the loss of goodwill.  As such, you should make certain to identify and take action against any trademark infringement as soon as possible.  In this situation, you should discuss your situation with an experienced trademark attorney who can provide advice and handle any disputes on your behalf.

Trademark Registration in Riverside

Companies that actively use a specific logo or brand name may automatically develop basic ownership rights to that trademark—but you can obtain stronger protections if you federaly register the trademark.  Once you register your trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), you receive sole ownership rights to it, as well as additional rights to take certain legal actions to protect those ownership rights from infringement.

Benefits of official registration with the USPTO include:

  • You can signify that your trademark is registered by using the ® symbol, instead of simply using ™ as unregistered trademarks must do. This informs others that you have full protections of the law and often deters them from infringing on your rights because they are aware you can take legal action to protect your trademark.
  • If someone else tries to claim ownership of your trademark, federal registration can create the presumption of your ownership.
  • If someone does try to infringe on your registered trademark, you may seek enhanced compensation for any damages you incurred due to the infringement.
  • USPTO registration can assist with the registration for foreign trademarks.

The assistance of a skilled trademark attorney can guide you through the trademark registration process and make sure you have the maximum protections of the law.  The trademark attorneys at Mandour & Associates can handle every step of the process, including searching for similar trademarks and identifying when a trademark may have registration or defensibility problems, to completing the application filing process and achieving registration.  We can address any issues that may arise with your registration in a swift manner to ensure you have ownership rights and protections as soon as possible.

Working to Resolve Trademark Disputes

A legal dispute can easily arise over a trademark—even after you have properly registered your trademark.  Trademark disputes are often resolved with cease and desist letters rather than resorting to trademark litigation.

We represent parties on either side of a trademark dispute and always aim to resolve the matter in the most efficient way possible.  We have many tools to resolve disputes that do not require a lawsuit, including cease and desist letters, attorney conferences, and mediation.

Riverside Trademark Litigation

While we work for an efficient resolution in every trademark dispute, some matters require turning to the courts for resolution.  Whether someone has infringed on your trademark rights or accused you of infringement, a highly experienced trademark litigator is essential to protect your rights or avoid unnecessary liabilities.

In the event of litigation, we are Aggressive Intellectual Property Litigators.  Trademark cases can involve technical and complex questions, including whether one trademark is substantially similar enough to another to cause confusion among consumers.  This means that the trademarks at issue are often not identical.  Your case may require analysis to determine similarity and evidence that actual confusion exists.  This can force courts to make very subjective determinations, so make certain you hire an experienced trademark attorney who understands how courts make such decisions.

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