San Diego Patent Attorney


San Diego Patent Attorney

If you are seeking a patent attorney in San Diego‚ Mandour & Associates can assist you. Regardless of where you are in the patent process‚ whether you require assistance or advice in applying for a patent‚ amending a patent claim‚ or bringing or defending an action for patent infringement‚ we can help. We assist San Diego businesses with all types of intellectual property issues including trademark, copyright, and patent issues.

Patent Application and Registration

Once you have made an invention or discovery‚ a patent application is the first step towards obtaining protection for your invention. A valid patent can help inventors to profit from their inventions by granting them exclusive rights to control the use‚ sale‚ or distribution of their discoveries.

One of the most important steps in the patent application process is asserting the claims of your invention. The claims define the scope of protection that your invention will receive if a patent is granted. Drafting great patent claims only comes with experience. If the claims are too narrowly drawn‚ the invention will not receive the broad protection it otherwise deserves. On the other hand‚ if claims are drawn too broadly‚ the application is likely to be rejected. We do everything possible to ensure that our clients receive the broadest protection possible while also maintaining the highest likelihood of the patent being granted.

San Diego Patent Litigation

If you believe that another individual or business has infringed on a patent you currently hold or if you believe you may be infringing on a third party’s patent‚ it is advisable to seek the services of a San Diego patent attorney. Patent infringement occurs when a person or company uses‚ sells‚ makes‚ an invention that is covered by the claims of a pre-existing patent. Patent infringement can often lead to patent litigation. If you are involved in patent litigation‚ or if you have an infringement issue‚ you may see our patent infringement and patent litigation pages.

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