Ventura County Trademark Lawyer


Ventura County Trademark Lawyer

If you are seeking a trademark attorney in Ventura County‚ Mandour & Associates can assist you. We have experienced trademark attorneys to assist with trademark registration‚ trademark infringement issues‚ trademark litigation‚ and trademark monitoring.

The Trademark Process and Registration

Trademark protection begins when a businesses uses its trademark in commerce in connection with goods or services. Even before registration‚ when a trademark has been used in commerce‚ the trademark holder has qualified for common law trademark protection. Though trademark registration is not required‚ it offers several advantages including presumptive rights and the ability to reach incontestable status.

For more information about trademark registration‚ please see our trademark registration page.

Trademark Infringement and Litigation

If you have been sued or if you believe you have a claim for trademark infringement against a competitor or other business‚ it is advised that you contact a trademark attorney immediately. Trademark infringement occurs when someone other than a valid trademark holder uses a confusingly similar trademark on products or services such that consumers are confused or likely to be confused. If use of the trademark creates a likelihood of customer confusion‚ the trademark holder may be entitled to damages‚ attorney’s fees‚ and/or an injunction prohibiting further use of the trademark by the infringer.

If you have an infringement or litigation issue‚ please see our trademark infringement or trademark litigation pages. To learn more about how we litigate trademark infringement cases and some of the results that we have achieved for our clients, please see our intellectual property litigation page.

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