California Patent Attorney


California Patent Attorney

Mandour & Associates employs experienced and qualified patent attorneys at three California locations in Los AngelesOrange County‚ and San Diego. We also assist with all major types of of intellectual property issues including trademarkscopyrights‚ and patents.

If you are in need of or are considering consulting the services of a patent attorney‚ we would be happy to assist you. Whether you are considering applying for a patent or involved in patent litigation‚ our patent attorneys can help you protect your rights.

Patent Registration in California

Our attorneys assist clients in applying for patents with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Whether your invention requires a utility patent‚ business method patent‚ design patent‚ or plant patent‚ our experienced attorneys can aid you in prosecuting the patent.

Patent prosecution involves several steps. First‚ a patent application must be drafted and filed. The most important elements of the patent application are the patent claims. The claims describe and define the scope of the invention. Drafting patent claims involves a complex balancing of interests. If the claims are too broad‚ the patent application is more likely to be denied. If the claims are too narrow and the patent application is granted‚ your invention may not receive the full protection it is entitled. Our experienced attorneys will work with you to determine the right claims for your invention to ensure that your rights are protected and a patent is granted.

Second‚ often times the patent registration process requires interacting with the USPTO to amend the patent claims. If the patent application is initially denied‚ subsequently amending one or more patent claims can result in the grant of a patent.

Third‚ after a patent has been issued‚ that patent may be challenged in front of the USPTO. If your patent is challenged‚ our experienced patent attorneys can help to protect your rights in your invention.

Patent Infringement attorney in California

Patent infringement occurs when someone other than the patent holder makes‚ uses‚ or sells the patented material without authorization from the patent holder. As a patent holder‚ you have the exclusive right to restrict others from making‚ selling‚ and using your invention. If someone else is infringing your patent‚ you may have a claim for patent infringement. In some cases‚ however‚ it may not be necessary to bring a legal action for patent infringement. Instead‚ sending a cease and desist letter to the infringing party may encourage them to cease use of your invention or open the channels of negotiation.

California Patent Litigation attorney

Many incidents of patent infringement lead to patent litigation. Patent infringement actions are typically filed in federal court and involve the claims of the registered patent. In a patent infringement action‚ the plaintiff must prove by a preponderance of the evidence that the defendant’s action constitutes the use‚ making‚ or selling of at least one claim comprising the registered patent. If the defendant’s actions are covered under one or more of the patent’s claims‚ the defendant is infringing the patent. Remedies in a patent infringement action can include an injunction preventing further use of the patent‚ damages‚ royalties‚ attorney’s fees‚ or a disgorgement of profits.

Contact a California Patent Lawyer

If you are a victim of patent infringement or are currently being sued for patent infringement‚ our attorneys are experienced patent litigators and will help you to protect your patent rights. Whether you are currently involved in patent litigation‚ patent prosecution‚ or are curious as to whether your invention qualifies for patent protection‚ please contact us.

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