Intellectual Property Attorney


Intellectual Property Attorney

With an increasingly global economy‚ protecting intellectual property has become more important than ever for business owners. Intellectual property includes patents‚ trademarks‚ trade dress‚ trade secrets‚ and copyrights which drive innovation and improve our world with life-saving medicines‚ inventions‚ art and entertainment. It provides the incentive to artists‚ inventors‚ and entrepreneurs to continue creating and developing cultural and technical advances that improve our quality of life and economic position.

Intellectual Property Registration

Please refer to our pages for trademark registrationcopyright registration‚ and patent registration for more information regarding registering your intellectual property. When the need arises‚ a Mandour & Associates intellectual property attorney will be able to assist you with filing and prosecuting patent‚ trademark and copyright applications. Our attorneys are also experienced at filing responses to office actions when needed.

Intellectual Property Infringement

Intellectual property infringement occurs when intellectual property rights have been violated in some way. Intellectual property infringement is becoming a significant problem causing billions of dollars in lost revenue. If your intellectual property rights have been violated‚ we recommend that you immediately contact an intellectual property attorney to discuss the appropriate legal steps needed to correct the infringement. Failure to correct an infringement can lead to a loss of rights.

Intellectual Property Litigation

At times it is necessary to litigate in order to have an infringer cease violating intellectual property rights. Our attorneys are experienced with sending cease and desist letters‚ filing temporary restraining orders‚ and requesting preliminary and permanent injunctions‚ in addition to all other facets of intellectual property litigation. Our attorneys have years of litigation experience and have prosecuted and defended hundreds of intellectual property infringements. Please see our intellectual property litigation page for more information.

If you would like to speak to an intellectual property attorney at Mandour & Associates for a free initial consultation‚ please feel free to contact us. With offices in Los Angeles‚ Orange County‚ and San Diego‚ our staff will be able to respond and accommodate you in a timely matter.

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