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Los Angeles Intellectual Property Attorney

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If you are searching for a Los Angeles intellectual property attorney‚ we can assist you.

Intellectual property refers to distinct concepts including trademarks‚ copyrights‚ patents‚ trade dress‚ trade secrets and Internet domain names for which exclusive rights are recognized and governed by corresponding laws. Protecting your IP rights has become increasingly critical in a competitive global economy. Your intellectual property is what drives innovation and improves the world through life-saving inventions‚ medicines‚ technologies‚ brands, and job creation.

We are a full service intellectual property law firm, so we can assist with trademark issues, copyright issues and patent issues that you may have.

Intellectual Property Registration

We can assist you with filing and prosecuting trademarkcopyright and patent applications. We can also assist in filing responses to office actions when the need arises.

Los Angeles Intellectual Property Infringement Attorney

Intellectual property infringement can occur with all four types of IP: patents‚ trademarks (including trade dress)‚ copyrights‚ and trade secrets. Protecting intellectual property from potential or existing infringement is necessary for the success and longevity of your business.

If your rights have been infringed‚ we can send a cease and desist letter‚ or file a temporary restraining order along with a preliminary or permanent injunction to stop the infringement.

Intellectual Property Litigation in Los Angeles

If intellectual property infringement is not corrected‚ it can lead to serious implications including litigation. If you are involved in an infringement‚ we encourage you to contact a Los Angeles intellectual property attorney as soon as possible. We have handled hundreds of intellectual property infringement matters and will tailor our legal experience to fit the needs of your case. You can see our intellectual property litigation page for more information including the results that we have achieved.

Contact a LA Intellectual Property Attorney

Expert legal advice from a Los Angeles intellectual property attorney at Mandour & Associates will give you the peace of mind that your intellectual property rights are being protected. For more information‚ please feel free to contact us.

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