Los Angeles Copyright Attorney


Los Angeles Copyright Attorney

Copyright is a type of intellectual property protection that gives the creators of “works of authorship” a certain set of rights with respect to their work. Copyright can be used to protect things like software, code, books, paintings, novels, pieces of music, plays, and other forms of creative work.  Examples of exclusive rights of Copyright holders include:

  • The right to distribute the work
  • The right to create derivative works
  • The right to publicly display the work
  • The right to publicly perform the work

Many businesses and even startups have intellectual property that is of significant commercial value.  In fact, in the technology sector, a startup’s IP may be its only asset.  As a result, it is extremely important for anyone with concerns regarding copyright protection to speak with a Los Angeles copyright lawyer as soon as possible.  The copyright attorneys at Mandour & Associates solely practice intellectual property law and provide effective and solution-oriented legal counsel and representation to clients throughout Los Angeles.

The Benefits of Copyright Registration

A brief overview of copyright law in the United States reveals that copyright protections form the moment a work of authorship is fixed in a tangible form of expression.  For instance, when a play is written, a piece of music is recorded or scored, or computer code is saved to a hard drive, it becomes automatically copyrighted without any further action required by the creator.  Still, it is highly advisable to register a copyright with the U.S Copyright Office, as doing this will enable you to bring a copyright infringement lawsuit.  Persons who hold unregistered copyrights cannot bring an infringement claim.  In addition, registering a copyright prior to an infringement avails a copyright holder of additional protections such as statutory damages and attorneys’ fees.

LA Copyright Infringement Lawyers

Copyright infringement is a complicated matter, and the way that infringement disputes are resolved can have a significant financial impact all parties involved.  Generally speaking, a work infringes on another copyrighted work if it “substantially similar” to the protected work.  A work is considered substantially similar if, to an average observer, its overall feel and look is the same as that of the protected work.  Additionally, the person claiming infringement must show either direct evidence that the defendant copied the work or indirect evidence that the defendant had access to the work.  At Mandour & Associates, we are well-versed in copyright infringement laws and are qualified to counsel and represent parties who are claiming infringement or those who are attempting to avoid liability for alleged copyright infringement.

Copyright Litigation Attorneys in Los Angeles

While some copyright disputes can be resolved out of court, many cannot.  Copyright litigation is a complicated matter, and both plaintiffs and defendants need to retain experienced legal counsel as soon as possible. At Mandour & Associates, we pride ourselves on being aggressive intellectual property litigators and are committed to resolving each case we handle as favorably as possible.

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If you have an issue related to copyright or questions about intellectual property law in general, you should speak to a lawyer as soon as possible.  We serve an international client base from our office in Los Angeles.  Since we are a full service intellectual property law firm, so we can also assist with trademark issues and patent issues. Please feel free to contact us at anytime. To schedule a consultation with one of our LA copyright attorneys, please send us an email via our contact form today.

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